Single Serving No. 2

By Kwase Lane, Features Editor

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I mean the last time we chatted the world was on fire; or at least it felt like it was. 

Why not take the opportunity to take a walk around town now that things have slowed down? You’d be surprised by how much can change after a few months of social isolation. What’s that? A new food spot not even six blocks away from your apartment? I say you try it. I know you’ve got some culinary chops, but you’ve been cooking for yourself for a minute now, take a break. No one will judge you.

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You enter the glittering white facade of the shop and take in your newly constructed surroundings. “Hi, welcome to Headshots,” a worker calls out from behind the counter. Headshots, huh? Weird name, but you keep that comment to yourself. You approach the counter and order the second thing on the menu, that seems like the easiest option. Best to keep interacting short, you’re a little rusty at that now.

But before you have time to finish lamenting the death of your social skills, your meal is presented to you: a steaming bowl of broth populated by lovingly crafted dumplings and a few veggies floating about.

Isaiah Rashad’sHeadshots (4r Da Locals)” is just as familiar as it needs to be. Like an old favorite prepared by new hands, there is an interesting balance between old habits and novel additions to his classic recipe. Rashad has internalized the adage of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, and it almost feels as though his style will never show any signs of wear. 

At times, the track resembles “Free Lunch”, a piece from The Sun’s Tirade. However, Rashad opts to substitute the swelling synths found in “Free Lunch” instead for warm, soulful vocals. Rashad’s delivery feels a little more laid back as well; he has less to prove now. He’s shown us that he’s capable, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less hungry for success.

His delivery, along with the gentle tapping of percussion, serves as bits of substance in that auditory soup. That is not to say that these elements are terribly heavy, but that they find their place in the composition; floating and sinking just below the surface of the soft bassline.

If “Headshots (4r Da Locals)” is a sign of things to come for this Tennessee local, then we have a lot of tasty sonic samplers coming our way soon. Until then you’ve just got to hold yourself over with this.

Go ahead, dig in:

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