Rising Indie Star Cat Dowling Releases New Single “Animals”

By Paul Nern, News Editor

[Photo courtesy of Spill Magazine]

Rising indie pop artist Cat Dowling released her new single “Animals” on Monday.  The title track is a teaser for her upcoming album, which will be released via FIFA records.

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“Animals” is accompanied by an animated music video directed by Marc Corrigan. “It had to be a constant high energy piece that never let up and built to a crescendo. So I just kept drawing,” said Corrigan in a press release. His work pairs well with the hypnotic rhythm that Dowling creates to build tension in the single.  The video is hand drawn and portrays animals molding and morphing into each other, creating a beautiful visual accompaniment to the song.

“It’s about the major and minor of life and of love and the constant pull in everything between major and minor and the light and the dark. It’s a song ultimately of passion, wildness, sensuality and love” said Dowling in a press release. The polarity that she creates in the song is both hard-hitting and thought provoking. The darkness she works into her pop songs can hook listeners and keep them around.

Cat Dowling first broke into the indie pop scene in 2013 when she released her debut album, The Believer.  This project helped establish her dark-sounding pop attitude from the start, with the title track being featured in the second season of Cinemax’s Banshee.  Dowling has also collaborated with Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis in ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder.

The Animals LP is set to release on November 12.  Pre-order CD or limited-edition cassette here

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