Album Review: King Krule – You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down

By: Ethan Hofer, Contributor
[True Panther Sounds/Matador Records; 2021]
Rating: 9/10

Key tracks: “A Slide In (New Drugs) – Live”, “Stoned Again – Live”, “Easy Easy – Live”

Closing your eyes to a live album can provide a euphoria to the listener, like you are actually there, and in my mind, I am here: at one of King Krule’s concerts right before quarantine. King Krule (Archy Marshall) is an indie rock/post-punk musician hailing from London, U.K who has released projects under multiple names, including Zoo Kid and Edgar the Beatmaker. You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down is King Krule’s second live album release aside from Live On the Moon and overall his fifth project he has released under the King Krule moniker. You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down features live performances from past projects such as 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, The OOZ and Man Alive!.

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The album kicks off with a performance of “Out Getting Ribs”, one of my personal favorite tracks from Archy, which starts off immediately with applause from the crowd as guitar chords slowly creep in to begin the track. Krule’s emotion becomes more and more poignant throughout the track, adding the saxophone to accompany the guitar chords which offer a unique yet fitting peak to the song.

“A Slide In (New Drugs)” is a turn for the better in comparison to the original version on The OOZ. King Krule, again, includes the sax, creating a dark pool of sorrow as he perfectly transitions into the next song, “The OOZ.” This continues the somber mood, perfectly encapsulating the dreary and depressing theme of the title track’s namesake.

Tracks like “Stoned Again” and “Comet Face” pick up the pace and unleash Krule’s more aggressive post-punk and experimental rock influence, bringing the audience to life again with cheers for Krule at the end of both songs. His raw energy and pure passion show his ability to execute emotive shifts from the melancholic moments on The OOZ to the fast-paced, energetic moments on Man Alive!

“Easy Easy”, one of King Krule’s most popular songs, finishes off the live performance. Though the track is the intro on 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, it hits even as a closer. The catchy song that was made back in 2013 is still snappy today, and King Krule continues to give his all on this track just as he did eight years ago. The song that began his debut album under the King Krule name ends his most recent live performance with a bang, a concert that any King Krule fan would kill to see. You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down exemplifies how well Archy performs live, and if it weren’t for COVID-19, we would be getting even more amazing performances.

Listen here:

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