Preview: Teenage Halloween with Dairy Family + Kaiba

By Paul Nern, News Editor

Well Rock Lobsters, there’s a buzz floating around ACRN. We had a glorious Halloween weekend full of music and spooky celebrations, but why on earth would we stop there?  The mist of the Hocking River seems to exude a certain energy at this time of year, and what better way to capitalize on this than to have Teenage Halloween and Dairy Family bring the heat on what otherwise might have been an average Wednesday night in Athens, Ohio. The Union will play host to these two phenomenal bands November 3 at 7:00 pm, for what ACRN promises is sure to be a glorious night.  

Kaiba will kick off the night bringing their “screamo meets shoegaze meets new wave” energy to to begin the night. When asked how they were feeling before the show they stated that, “We are stoked to play with Teenage Halloween! They used to play in Athens a lot but haven’t been back for awhile so we’re excited to see them.”  Having all three of these bands at one show for one night is a blessing we will not take lightly.  

Dairy Family, a four piece band based out of Columbus, Ohio will follow Kaiba. Dairy Family bring a lot of energy and stated that they were “very excited to play” when asked about their upcoming set. They will bring a “nice combo of funk, indie rock and alt because that’s what everyone wants to hear.” The band is audience-oriented and ready to have a good time with the crowd during their performance. In anticipation for the show, Dairy Family tells us to simply “catch these dairy grooves.” Rock Lobsters will be ready to take them up on that offer.

For our headlining act, we have New Jersey-based Teenage Halloween. They combine elements of power pop, punk rock and folk to form their own unique sound that is sure to have the audience grooving.  They are well acquainted in Athens through the DIY circuit, which has hosted them in past shows and are excited to be back. These “Garden State rockers” will be playing music from their new album, which has themes surrounding mental health, intense anxiety and community support.  Our ACRN community is ready to welcome Teenage Halloween again with the same “intense love” we have shown them in the past.  When asked about the show, the band seemed thrilled to be back and said they “can’t wait to hangout with all of you”.  Let’s show up and show out Athens and continue this healthy relationship on Wednesday night.

What else is there to say about Wednesday, Rock Lobsters?  It’s all been laid out here before you. Teenage Halloween and Dairy Family are going to give us the kick we need midweek to keep us rocking into the weekend.  It is a blessing to have live music back, and as vaccinations keep rising in our OU community, we can celebrate this newfound freedom by flooding into shows looking to be healed by live music once again.  We hope to see many of you there, let’s have a great time together, united together in the name of rock.

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