A Month Through Movies – November Edition

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like there is just too much to watch out there? Often, it feels easier to scroll through Netflix trying to decide what to watch than actually watching something. Do you constantly find yourself overwhelmed with content, wishing you could somehow find a way to narrow it down? 

The good news is: you can! One fun way to pick a movie to watch is by choosing a movie that corresponds with the date when you’re watching it. Whether the date is an event in the movie, an anniversary or a historical reference, here are some movies for November to watch on specific dates.

November 5: V for Vendetta and Back to the Future

Starting off this list is perhaps one of the most iconic movie dates: V for Vendetta. This dystopian thriller features a masked freedom fighter taking inspiration from Guy Fawkes as he works to overthrow the tyrannical government. The man, V, uses the iconic Fawkes line “Remember, remember the fifth of November” as part of his plan. Use this day to check out this movie and see how relevant its commentary is today.

If masked vigilantes and dark allegory aren’t your style, perhaps you could instead spend the fifth with Back to the Future. This series has plenty of iconic dates (namely October 15 when Marty arrives in the future in Back to The Future: Part II) but perhaps none is better than the day Marty arrives in the past in the original movie. As you watch Marty to scramble to get back to his own time, you can share the date with this iconic film.

November 7: Batman

It would be easy to think that you couldn’t make a real-world parallel from 1989’s Batman, but eagle-eyed viewers might be able to spot a date in the film. A newspaper indicates that news broke of Batman’s bout with the Joker on November 7. What better way to watch the Caped Crusader’s first feature film than by watching it on the date it takes place? As a bonus, a newspaper in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises tells of Catwoman’s jewel heist on November 11, so, if you’re really dedicated, you can hit two Batman movies in one week

November 11: The end of WWI

World War I is one of the most covered events in film, and November 11 is the anniversary of the end of the war. Celebrate the victory with a great WWI film. There are plenty of great picks to choose from: old-school Best Picture winners like All Quiet on the Western Front and Wings, superhero flick Wonder Woman, the archival documentary They Shall Not Grow Old and the recent hit 1917. A more unusual choice, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, shows the titular character being born on the day of victory in the Great War.

November 23: Jackie

Another historical anniversary, November 23 marks the date of assassination of President John F Kennedy. Kennedy himself has been covered in plenty of movies, but Jackie depicts his wife Jackie and how she was able to cope in the aftermath of this tragedy. Jackie is played brilliantly by Natalie Portman in a performance that many consider the best of her career.

November 29: Little Women

November 29 is the birthday of the author of “Little Women,” Louisa May Alcott. There have been plenty of adaptations of her most iconic novel, but the most recent version from 2019 might just take the cake as the best one. With a restructured timeline and some A-list talent, writer and director Greta Gerwig brings this classic story back to relevance with modern audiences. The new one is great, but you could spend the day celebrating Alcott by watching a few different versions. Tuck yourself in, get cozy and spend a day with the March sisters.

Bonus: Thanksgiving

Of course, November dates would not be complete without recognizing Thanksgiving. Between the parade in the morning and Thanksgiving dinner, why not check out a movie that takes place during the holiday. Celebrate the travel home with Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the parade with Miracle on 34th Street and Thanksgiving dinner with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. What better way to relax after a big meal than with a movie celebrating the holiday. 

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