Dmitry Wild Debuts New Single “Don’t Need Anybody”

[Photo courtesy of Music Magazine]

By Evan Gallagher, Contributor

Dmitry Wild, famed New York rock performer, debuted his new single “Don’t Need Anybody”. This comes after his latest single, “Pandemic Summer” in 2020.

The artist had been on a brief hiatus following the release of this previous track. This new single will be part of a larger album that has not been released yet. For the mixing of the song, he worked with Bryon Frayne and NYC blues-rock legend David Pattillo.

Wild has been compared to the likes of Iggy Pop, The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Killers. The Big Takeover Magazine says the single is “upbeat, positive and catchy with memorable riffs and a notable feel-good vibe.” This sort of bombastic alternative sound, which gained momentum in the past 20 years is what Wild is going for, and it has been utilized on his previous projects up to this single.

The rock and roller had a dramatic past with surviving 9/11 due to missing a train that was going to band practice. In addition to writing music, he has also written a book, “Why Be Normal?” about a road trip and a search for the American Dream. He has worked with The Cramps, Jungle Jim and Vladamir Komarow, who is from the Russian band Punk TV

He took note of this new project i

In a press release saying, “Every song offers opposing storyline, there is a separate theatre of meanings and emotions that highlights what we as humanity just lived through in 2020, but when that’s done in major tonalities and to a ripped drum beat it feels good to be alive.”

Wild will continue to make music and plans to release an album in 2022. His album accompanying “Don’t Need Anybody” will be released on December 1st and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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