Eric Slick Announces 2022 Solo Tour

[Photo courtesy of Jason Travis]

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

Eric Slick, the drummer for Dr. Dog, recently announced his 2022 solo tour. In a tweet, Slick wrote: “this is my first tour since 2017 so i am so freaking excited. expect lots of high kicks. also masked up and vaxxed up, no ifs ands or butts”.

In June of 2020, Dr. Dog announced their final tour. They noted in a Facebook post that the band was not breaking up, but that this would be their final tour together as a group. In 2017, Eric Slick released his solo album, Palisades, and more recently, he released another LP, Wiseacre. He released his newest single, “Province”, in 2021.

Slick has stayed busy lately, having recently played drums on Taylor Swift’s “You All Over Me”, which he discussed in an article for Rolling Stone. He also announced via social media that he will be filling in on drums for Waxahatchee’s tour beginning in February. In his Instagram post, he wrote: “i’ve known katie for a super long time and she rules. we played a lithuania/ps eliot/hop along/dangerous ponies super show back in 2010 in Richmond, VA so this all feels very full circle to me.”

Eric Slick has been the long-time drummer for indie rock band, Dr. Dog, and has released additional work as a solo artist in recent years. He has also played in Lithuania. Outside of his numerous projects, Slick has played with artists such as Adrian Belew and Wilco.

Throughout his upcoming tour, Slick will be supported by Case Oats, Charlie Reed, Tim Baker, John Andrews of the Yawns, Lizzie No, Rubber Band Gun, Jenny Besetzt and Black Haus.

Tickets for the upcoming tour can be purchased on Eric Slick’s website.

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