The Academy of Sun releases “It Is Finished When It’s Destroyed/Ghost Foxes”

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By Ethan Hofer, Staff Writer

Post-punk band The Academy of Sun recently released It Is Finished When It’s Destroyed, a double-A-side single containing the self-titled song and “Ghost Foxes.” 

Describing their new single, frontman Nick Hudson said “‘It Is Finished When It’s Destroyed’ is amongst my proudest compositions.” The title is a mutation of the art adage “art is never finished, only abandoned.” The second track, “Ghost Foxes”, was originally supposed to be on The Quiet Earth, however, as Hudson describes, “‘Ghost Foxes’ was left off of ‘The Quiet Earth’ because it didn’t sound splenetic enough – with new recordings all round I think it’s accurate to say we’ve now accomplished that aim.”

This single was mixed and mastered by producer Randall Dunn, who has worked with the likes of Sunn O))) and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Frontman Nick Hudson expressed his appreciation for Dunn saying, “It was awesome to work with Randall Dunn, sonic alchemist, this time around, especially as a unifying presence given we forged these tracks during one of many brittle, maddening lockdowns.” 

Formed in 2012 in Brighton, The Academy of Sun is a post-punk rock band consisting of four members: Nick Hudson (piano, synths, Hammond organ, harmonium, vocals, percussion, synths), Kianna Blue (bass, synths), Guy Brice (guitars) and Ash Babb (drums).  Their debut album The Quiet Earth was released in 2020.  Listen to it here.

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