Jeff Tweedy announces upcoming Wilco album

[Photo courtesy of Spotify]

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of Wilco, announced that the band is recording a new album.

In Tweedy’s newsletter “Starship Casual”, Tweedy recorded a video in which he explained his recent lack of newsletter content. He said: “I’ve been in the studio with Wilco making some new music, chipping away at a new record. It’s been very, very, very fun and exciting, and we’re having a great time.” In 2019, the band released their latest album, Ode to Joy. Since the release of the album, Wilco has gone on tour with supporting artists including Sleater-Kinney and Faye Webster.

In a more recent “Starship Casual” newsletter, Tweedy shared a snippet of a new song for paying subscribers. In it, he wrote: “This track is fairly representative of roughly a third of the material we’re sorting through. Started out as an instrumental, meditative groove. Then after a while, for some reason unknown, I started to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ over it just to see if it would fit. It did! Sort of. In an eerie, disorienting way. Which is important. We like it when we discover things that unsettle us musically. Helps remind us to keep our minds open to the possibilities…”

The band recently announced the “we are touring to break your heart” tour which will celebrate their acclaimed album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s 20th anniversary. Additionally, they will be hosting their annual Solid Sound Festival in late May. The lineup for the festival includes artists such as Sylvan Esso, Japanese Breakfast, Liam Kazar and more.

Tickets for both events can be found on Wilco’s website.

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