Preview: ACRN Goth Prom with Short Fictions, Enlove, and Kaiba

By Paul Nern, News Editor

Can you feel it?  There’s a foreboding sense of angst and aggression in the air, which can only mean that heavy music is about to grace the ears of all Rock Lobsters this Friday.  Short Fictions, En Love, and Kaiba are about to bring the house down at the Union for ACRN’s 2022 Goth Prom.  It is going to be intense.  It is going to be hardcore.  But most importantly, it is going to be fun.  There is absolutely no excuse to miss what will surely be a rocking night of heavy music bliss on Union Street.  Come hang with all of us!

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Kaiba will kick off the night with their distinct screamo/shoegaze style.  They have been ruling the Athens hardcore scene for some time now.  They always bring intensity to their sets, with powerful vocals and vicious riffs piercing the audience’s ears in the best of ways.  Kaiba said “we’re super excited” when asked about Friday.  Kaiba has played with Short Fictions before the pandemic, and expressed excitement about the opportunity to once again share the stage saying, “we love their music so much, so it will be great to see them again.” Lastly, they said “it just feels right” to be playing a goth prom.

En Love will follow Kaiba, offering a “west coast pseudo-violence sound similar to Trash Talk or Ceremony”.  What sets their sound apart is the “overall uniform style” to what they are doing.  When asked how they felt about playing ACRN’s Prom, they said “We love playing Ohio and enjoy getting to check out new areas so we’re excited to finally play Athens.”  We’ll be ready to show them what Harvard on the Hocking can offer.

Closing the night will be Short Fictions, the emo/alternative group from Pittsburgh, PA.  Given the Audiotree stamp of approval, this band combines nostalgic vocal melodies with twinkly riffs that can explode at any moment.  With albums such as Fates Worse Than Death and songs like “Property of Pigeons”, Short Fictions has the means to get crowds moving.  To have them close this Prom will be an ACRN highlight for years to come.

Short Fictions, En Love, and Kaiba are going to make Friday night at the Union one for the ages.  Doors are set to open at 7, with music set to start shortly after.  Come and join the fun, we won’t miss it for the world!

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