Avril Lavigne drops seventh studio album Love Sux

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]

By Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor 

Avril Lavigne released her newest album Love Sux Friday, three years after the release of Head Above Water, a sonically confessional tracklist that gave more insight into the singer’s personal life.

The album art portrays Lavigne in an all-black leather fit, holding black balloons and wearing clunky combat boot high heels, proving that she is a force still to be reckoned with in the alternative rock scene. Love Sux consists of 12 tracks and was released through drummer Travis Barker’s DTA Records, featuring collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly on the song “Bois Lie” and Blink-182’s bassist and singer Mark Hoppus on “All I Wanted.” Producer and songwriter blackbear is also present on the track “Love It When You Hate Me.”

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Lavigne went into this new album with the vision of creating another pop-punk record. In an interview with Billboard she said, “I went into this album and just said, ‘I want to make a pop-punk record, a rock-and-roll record. I don’t want to be on the piano. I don’t want ballads, really. I just really want to rock out.” 

Branching out from making emotional and vulnerable music, Lavigne is ready to be spontaneous and rowdy with her work again, paying homage to the musical influences that inspired growing up in Canada.

Love Sux seems to be a return to Lavigne’s early 2000s sound, embracing the gritty and punk sound her fans have always gravitated towards. The singer seems more confident and content with the life she’s currently living. This album signals a new chapter within her sound that fans will surely love to hear. 

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5pkQpJAHxy9BzwA7E1UWxF

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