Wreck League releases new single, plays two live shows

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

[Photo courtesy of Kalie Gayer]

Ohio-based band Wreck League recently released a new single titled “POSTCARD” and played two live shows in Athens.

In an interview with ACRN, Wreck League discussed the new song. Alek Zamonski, the keyboardist for the band said, “It was kind of a special one for us because it was one of the first songs in a long time that we’d collaboratively written… We all contributed to it in a way that doesn’t always happen with songs. So, it’s a favorite for all of us.”

Wreck League drummer Ben Zamaron also highlighted the role that their recording studio has played in the release of “POSTCARD.” “We’ve been recording at Encore Recording Studios in Dayton, Ohio, and it’s the first song that we have recorded ourselves and entirely produced ourselves at Encore, and I think that’s really special too.”

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This track is the first to be released by Wreck League since their 2020 album Those Who Wait. Aside from the release of “POSTCARD,” members of the band mentioned an upcoming album that they are in the process of recording.

Last week, the band played at The Union and at Donkey Coffee the next day. When asked about how it felt to play their newest song for a live audience, Ben said: “It felt great. We’ve been listening to the song nonstop for weeks now and it just felt really natural to play it.”

When asked about upcoming shows, the group said Wreck League will perform alongside In Flow in late April. For more information, visit Wreck League’s Instagram.

Listen to “POSTCARD” below:

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