Interpol releases new single and announces new album

[Photo courtesy of The Guardian]

By Adrian Woods, Contributor

On April 7th, post-punk revival band Interpol released “Toni”. It is the band’s first single since their last album, Marauder. The band also announced that their seventh studio album, The Other Side Of Make-Believe, is set to be released on July 15th. 

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The band also released a music video to accompany the track directed by Van Alpert. Alpert had a lot to say about directing the band’s music video. “I wrote a crazy idea that I felt was new for Interpol: a hyper-modern, cinematic dance film. A ‘Lover’s on the Run’ story with a classic cliff-hanger ending.”

Nothing shockingly new here from the band, as they continue to stick to their roots with this post punk track. “Toni” sounds like a song that could have been on the band’s third album, Our Love To Admire, the band’s most experimental album to date. It makes fans wonder if the band is going to go back to that style or continue with a new sound going forward.

Last year it was reported that Interpol had been working on the project in London with the producers Alan Moulder and Flood. The new album will follow the 2018 album Marauder, and will be the band’s first studio album in four years.

Listen to the track here:

Watch the music video here:

Interpol – “Toni” (Official Music Video)

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