Herb Alpert releases new single “Here She Comes” from upcoming album

By Adrian Woods, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of herbalpert.com]

Herb Alpert released new single “Here She Comes” Tuesday from new album Sunny Side Of The Street. The album is set to release on September 30.  

Alpert said that he wanted the song to be “sexy and upbeat.”

“This track is vibrant, fun and kind of has a bit of that happy TJB flavor.” The trumpeter went on to say that the new album will be his first since 2021’s Catch The Wind which is a collection of music that was recorded by Herb and his wife Lani Hall. The couple are currently touring together in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

The new album will feature many collaborators including Bill Cantos, Jeff Lorber, Lani Hall and more. The new album will also include 11 new songs and six new compositions from the collaborators. 

The multi-instrumentalist has an impressive resume, selling over 72 million records along with co-founding the record label A&M records with Jerry Moss. He has also been influential to many other artists including Janet Jackson, The Police and Cat Stevens.

Listen to “Here She Comes” below.

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