Elk City releases new single from their upcoming album

By Rocco Prioletti, Contributor
[Photo Courtesy of Elk City via Bandcamp]

Elk City recently released their latest single, “Your Time Doesn’t Exist”, from their upcoming record Above the Water. The band presents listeners with a peak into their sixth studio album, set to release on October 21. The New-Jersey based collective is composed of members from The Psychedelic Furs, Luna, and Versus

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“Your Time Doesn’t Exist” follows as the band’s second preliminary release after the lead single, “That Someone” debuted on August 31.

The second single off of Above the Water dives headfirst into swirls of jangly guitar tones. In a press release, lead singer Renée LoBue described the song as Elk City’s, “most jangly jangle pop combined with our love of The Paisley Underground. Right out of the gate, the song serves as a reminder that time is just a construct. It’s a bit of an emotional check-in song”.

Differing from the rest of their discography, this upcoming record will be released through Magic Door Recording. The label is not only cofounded by Elk City’s own Ray Ketchem and Renée LoBlue, but also Guided by Voices’ member Kevin March. It’s through this collaboration where vintage recording equipment and freeform instrumentation can run wild.

Preorder Above the Water here.

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