Tama Gucci to release new album September 27th

[Photo courtesy from Rodrigo Alvarez]

By: Cody Englander, Contributor

Pop musician Tama Gucci is releasing his third album on September 27th, Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe).

Coming off his single released on Friday, “Just Do It”, Tama Gucci will be releasing the deluxe version to his 2021 album, Almost Blue. The new single consists of trippy vocals and a distorted beat, foreshadowing the direction of what is to come for his new EP. 

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Tama Gucci plans on revitalizing some of the previous songs on the track. A majority of the songs will be remixes of the tracks on Almost Blue, with some being excluded entirely from the track list. Gucci stated via press release, “I love dance music that is kinda sad but also makes you wanna move so I took the remix in a sort of T.a.T.u meets Kaskade direction”. T.a.T.u, controversial musical duo of the 2000’s, are known for their distinct pop and exploration into electronic dance music. Kaskade is more known for his work as a DJ and producer, which may inspire some of the mixing and stylistic choices Gucci takes inspiration from in the remixes. 

Tama Gucci has a distinct sound, and this next album will be an exciting new chapter in what he is capable of. He plans on touring at III Points Musical festival in Miami Florida on October 22nd, as well as having his own DJ set in Brooklyn New York on October 31st.

Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe) Tracklist:

1 – Challenge (Autow Nite Superstore Remix)

2 – Show Me (Sonikku Remix)

3 – Sweater (Swami Sound Remix)

4 – Challenge (Phyzical Trax Remix)

5 – Panties (Indigo Heaven Remix)

6 – 2 Wrongs (Peter Fonda Remix)

7 – Toxic

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