Neil Young announces new album with Crazy Horse, release new single

[Image courtesy of Rolling Stone]

By Ethan Hofer, Contributor

Neil Young and Crazy Horse announced their new album together called World Record set to arrive November 18th. Their new single “Love Earth” is also out now.

Since Neil pulled all of his music from Spotify earlier this year, it will be available through most streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Neil Young’s Archives, and YouTube. It will also be released physically as a LP, CD, and cassette. 

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World Record will be the 15th album between Young and Crazy Horse, and 53 years since their first album  ​​Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere was released. The live-album LP, produced by Neil Young and renowned music producer Rick Rubin was recorded live at Rubin’s Shangri-La studios in Malibu.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s album “reminisces with gratitude about the gifts the Earth has given him and sets his sights on an uncertain future with hope that we can right this big, blue and green ship,” according to a press release. Young, who is quite familiar with tackling social issues, uses this live album to bring awareness to how frightening and threatening the future may be to humanity through its 11 tracks.

You can preorder their new album World Record here.

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