Preview: Battle of the Band

[Flyer courtesy of Allison Flatico]

By Paul Nern, News Editor

How are we doing, Rock Lobsters?  Another fall has struck the brick laden streets of beautiful Athens, Ohio.  For us here at ACRN, this means another of our yearly Battle of the Bands (BOTB), where five acts from the area come together and compete in the name of music and fun.  At the end of the night, you, the crowd, get to decide a winner after all the noise has rocked your soul.  Isn’t true democracy wonderful?  This year, we have Meat and Cheese Collective, The Laughing Chimes, Top’d Off, Bloodhounds and Lavandula coming together on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. at The Union to show us what they’ve got!  Come and join the fun, you do not want to miss the festivities.

First up, we have Meat and Cheese Collective, bringing “high energy jams along with some more chill stuff.”  They’ve been making waves in the Athens music scene for a while now, playing at venues like The Union and earning their stripes at local house shows.  When asked how they felt about playing this Thursday, the band said “We’re super stoked to participate in this event and play alongside some other rad bands!”  Expect a lot of original songs along with new material that audiences have yet to hear. They are clearly excited to show their brand of rock and roll, and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table.

Up next is Top’d Off, the blues and funk trio who recently released their debut EP.  They’re looking forward to sharing the stage with all the bands and are eager to make some noise. Asked how they are feeling for this Thursday, they said “It’s more about the opportunity to play and getting our name out there” rather than competing. They promise a wide range of sounds that are sure to have something for everyone. You have to respect the modesty of this band, and we can’t wait to see Top’d Off pop off.

Moving on, we have The Laughing Chimes, the self proclaimed jangly indie pop group. The band say they are “nervous and excited” for their set, but they “look forward to playing with all these other great bands and hearing their music.” They believe in the friendly competitive spirit that BOTB brings and are hopeful for an eager crowd. The Laughing Chimes have an album out to help prepare us for their set which you can listen to here.

We’re onto Lavandula, who have been embracing the grind of getting their name out into the Athens community.  They’ve logged shows at The Smiling Skull and The Union so far this year, and are eager to get back to it. The band says they are looking to get the crowd involved in their set, and want “everyone to just have a good time” so expect some crowd pleasers during their time on stage.  

Last but not least are Bloodhounds, the band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. They have been working hard and playing shows all around Ohio. Expect a high energy performance that is destined to leave your ears ringing and wanting more. They have a music video out, which you can listen to here to prepare for their upcoming set.

Rock Lobsters, it’s time to come to our annual Battle of the Bands and expect a fun night in the name of all that is rock and roll. We’ve had a wonderful start to the year, and these five acts are sure to keep it rolling for us. Remember, it’s this Thursday night at 8 p.m. at The Union in Athens, Ohio!  Come support these five fantastic bands and avoid the FOMO, we’re bound for a legendary night.

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