Album Review: Björk – Fossora

By Cody Englander, Contributor
[One Little Independent Records; 2022]
Rating: 9/10

Key tracks: Fungal City, Victimhood

Björk makes her triumphant return with Fossora, five years after her previous Utopia, and this new album does not skip a single beat. Fossora differs from Utopia with darker themes, and goes on a more personal journey than usual. The album is a blend of genres as Björk has done previously, but the psychedelic background vocals and instrumentals really separate this work from her others, elevating it. Accompanied by her powerful vocal performances, these elements make for an album that is certainly worth checking out. 

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Fossora sees Björk at some of her most personal moments, with features from both her son and daughter on the tracks Ancestress and Her Mother’s House respectively. She returns to her Icelandic roots, partially due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. She told the Guardian, “I don’t think I’ve been that much home since I was 16”. This is more self reflective than some of her other work, containing songs discussing her relationship with her late mother.

This album is filled with emotion, as we are taken on a 54-minute journey with Björk. Some tracks consist of humming and instrumental exclusively like “Trölla-Gabba”, and help to add to the funky and psychedelic sounds that only Björk can pull off. She can seamlessly bounce between genres with ease, an especially difficult skill when trying to make a quality album, but Björk makes it work.

The features bring a good sense of life to the album. serpentwithfeet has an amazing duet with Björk, their two voices singing in sync for a few lines before he transitions to a background singer. His contributions to the track Fungal City are all for the better, and really make the song stand out from the rest. That isn’t to say the other songs are weak by any measure; on the contrary. Every single song transcends expectations, with her vocal delivery continuing to have incredible power, even 29 years after Debut.

Björk continues to put out each quality project after the next, with Fossora being no exception. This album feels like she gives it her all, and her hard work is reflected in the quality of the tracks. No matter what Björk will go down as one of the most talented musicians of all time, and I cannot wait to see what she has in store next.

Listen here:

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