Alternative Rock Legend Chris Connelly releases new single

By Ethan Hofer, Staff Writer

[Photo courtesy of Bandcamp]

Alternative-rock legend Chris Connelly, best known for his involvement with the band Revolting Cocks recently released a single titled “Ripcord, Ripcord”. The song is available to stream on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Apple Music and YouTube with a music video paired with it. The video shows footage of war in 1940s Berlin.

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The song is about deceased German singer-songwriter Nico. Connelly writes about a little known detail in her life, which was the rape she unfortunately went through by a military offering while she was a teenager holding a bureaucratic position for the U.S. Army in Berlin.

Connelly explains in a press release why he wrote this song about Nico saying, “This event and the trauma of being in the rubble of post-war Berlin clearly, in my opinion, helped create the haunted spirit of Nico.” Connelly ultimately believed that writing a song about Nico’s tragedy would help bring awareness to the issue.

Chris Connelly has been in the music business for 40 years with over 20 solo releases since his days with Fini Tribe. Connelly has also been a member of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, and Pigface

‘Ripcord, Ripcord’ serves as the preview to his new album ‘Eulogy to Christa: A Tribute to the Music & Mystique of Nico,’ which is 24 tracks and pays tribute to The Velvet Underground, who Nico closely worked with in her musical career.

Listen here:

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