Now More than Ever announces debut album “CREATRIX”

By Phoebe Giordano, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of Grandstand Media]

Tyson Ritter, previous Co-Founder of All-American Rejects, is back with his first full-length album since 2012.

Now More Than Ever will be releasing their first album together on March 17, 2023 via Thirty Tigers. The band is composed of Ritter, Scott Chesak (lead guitarist of the All-American Rejects and Panic! At the Disco producer), and Izzy Fontaine (producer and guitarist of Tegan & Sara).

As veterans in the pop rock genre over the past 20 years, all three artists are looking forward to this new chapter in their music careers as they describe themselves as “Here. Fresh. Fun” across social media. To kick off this new era, the band has released the first track off the upcoming album CREATRIX, “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait”

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Highly danceable and reliant on electronic beats and effects, “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” is reminiscent of the golden age of radio pop during which all three members flourished. With a strong beat and catchy chorus, this single will easily have its hooks in pop fans and get a wide audience anticipating the release of the band’s upcoming album. The subsequent music video directed by Jon Danovic follows the story of Ritter, Chesak, and Fontaine waking up from a trance and coming alive again at the sound of their music— a supposed analogy for the formation of this band after a period of creative autopilot.

With a compelling new single under their belt, listeners can expect the band to debut an album stocked full of pop rock staples tied off with a modern new twist. Set to have nine tracks, fans can pre-save the album and should keep an eye out for any more singles to be released before next March. 

Watch the music video below.

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