Ronan Conroy releases new LP “The Slow Death of the LoveMyth”

[Photo courtesy of Shameless Promotion PR]

By Nicholas Kobe, contributor 

NYC based Dubliner Ronan Conroy  has returned to release his newest LP, “The Slow Death of the LoveMyth”. Conroy has poured himself into the “LoveMyth” project since 2013, finally being unleashed as a dark pop project melding the 80/90’s goth bands of his youth with the ethereal dark wave that would be introduced later in his life. It creates a sound that Big Takeover Magazine  calls “a perfect blend of punch and panache, deftness and delicacy, shimmering darkness, and kaleidoscopic light”

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Conroy grew up surrounded by music listening to a variety of influences ranging from Bowie, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Abba. Ronan released two albums with The Listeners and played with Oh Hello. This record comes off the back of two singles: “Dark Paradise“, a goth-rock cover of Lana Del Rey’s iconic original and “Double Helix“, which both have videos from Hypnodoll.

“The Slow Death of the LoveMyth” is an extremely vulnerable and personal record for Conroy. In a press release he stated “This whole album has been a source of inner conflict for me, with plenty of real or imagined reasons to delay releasing it. Upon thinking about this recently, I wonder if one of the bigger hesitations has been simply letting such directly open songs escape into the ether.” This vulnerability bleeds through on the lyrics to tracks like “LoveMyth” and “Born in Conflict”. 

Sonically all of the varied influences blend together seamlessly to create a record that features beautiful and ethereal vocals, combined with chaotic distorted guitars to make a simultaneously relaxing and unsettling experience. It’s an experience described by The Spill Magazine as “dark but still leaves you feeling good after listening”. 

The Slow Death of the LoveMyth is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp via Shameless Promotion Records 

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