Blessed releases new album Circuitous and will begin a tour next month

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By Adrian Woods, Contributor

Progressive and avant-rock band Blessed have released their new album, Circuitous. The album marks the band’s second release to date, while they seem to have sharpened the strength and depth of their song craft. The band’s previous EP iii was well received by artists such as Iggy Pop and websites like Pitchfork.

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Blessed has also announced an upcoming tour for next month. The band has crafted a live show like no other, and will start the tour in the fall with fellow rock band Stuck. You can get tickets for these concerts here.

Blessed also released a live session of their song “Trust”, a track that delves into the current climate change crisis, and the lack of action being taken by people that are in position to help avert it. Drew Riekman, lead singer and guitarist stated in a press release that, “The earth is getting hotter by the year, and people with the means to make change have zero interest in doing so. Being told that recycling my microscopic, by comparison, footprint is going to be the difference between survival and destitution, more so feels like having someone spit in my face.” You can watch the full concert here.

Circuitous is the new album from Blessed and is now available on streaming services, vinyl, and CD. 

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