DaBaby Delays Lawsuit That Claims He Sucker-Punched A 64-Year-Old Man

By Adrian Woods, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone]

In the rapper Dababy’s civil lawsuit, a Los Angeles judge ruled that he will not be sitting for deposition or answering any discovery questions until his related felony charge is resolved.

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DaBaby was accused of punching a 64-year-old man. He allegedly knocked the man’s tooth out, stole a phone, and trashed the man’s Hollywood Hills mansion. On Tuesday, the judge suspended the disposition pending resolution of a parallel felony battery charge against the controversial rapper.

Jonathan Kirk, (DaBabys real name) has the Fifth Amendment right to refuse to sit for a deposition or answer any written discovery questions in the civil case. He is facing up to four years in jail if convicted of a “battery with serious bodily injury charge” filed from the Los Angeles County district Attorney’s Office on Kirk.

“I can’t say no to them. They have a felony complaint” Judge Green stated at the Los Angeles ruling on Tuesday. “This is not just a potential out there in the universe that, ‘Gee, maybe the D.A might file on this.”

The lawsuit was short of being frozen by the judge, allowing plaintiff Gary Pagar, the 64-year-old man mentioned before to continue the pursuit of third parties and documents related to his claims of battery, fraud, breach of contract, conversion and trespassing.

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