Rob Munk shares new single “Youth”

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

[Photo courtesy of Ian Williams]

Indie rock musician Rob Munk has shared a new single titled “Youth” along with an accompanying music video.

Munk’s newest album, Phased Out, is set to be released Nov. 18 via Magic Door Label. The LP comprises 12 songs and was produced, recorded, mastered and partially mixed at Magic Door Recording by Ray Ketchem, who has produced music for artists such as Guided By Voices, Gramercy Arms, Luna and Elk City. Regarding the album, Munk described it in a press release as being “a little poppy, a little sloppy and entirely honest.”

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In addition to his latest single, Munk has also released earlier tracks including “Heavy Shoes (to kill the blues),” “The Ghosts of San Francisco,” and “Amazon” in anticipation of the LP’s release.

“When we’re young, mistakes and triumphs are often indistinguishable but at least it’s all exciting. We could probably all write this song, and extend it for a thousand verses,” Munk said about “Youth.”

The album was recorded 20 years after Munk left the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic with Munk’s friend and actor-writer Daniel London and the Tinsel drummer and writer-director Joe Ventura.

Munk began his career at an early age as an actor, but eventually found a passion for music instead. He went on to play in Thudpucker and, later, Tinsel followed by time spent with other NYC-based bands before continuing on to a period as a solo artist.

You can watch Rob Munk’s music video for his newest single “Youth” below.

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