JOSEF drops new single, “Just Come Home With Me Tonight”

[Image courtesy of Nathan Dunphy]

By Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor

Scottish singer JOSEF revealed a new single from his upcoming debut album Permanent Damage on Friday. The single, “Just Come Home With Me Tonight”, puts the singer’s impressive storytelling abilities on full display.

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In a recent interview with Enigma Online, JOSEF described the story behind the new song, saying, “I wrote this song before I even knew I was going to make an album. I’ve kept it quite close until now and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve made. It’s about meeting my ex at a party and realizing they’d moved on.”

JOSEF told Rolling Stone UK that his new project will focus a lot on heartbreak from a queer perspective, and this theme comes to life with the music video accompaniment for the single, which also dropped today. 

The music video uses cinematic visuals inspired by films such as Trainspotting, Kids, and Beats, with JOSEF working alongside longtime collaborator Luis Hindman, telling the story of the singer’s own experience with his queerness and relationships.

The singer has already released two singles prior, including “Joe”, which sees JOSEF question his self-worth, and “It’s Been a Little Heavy Lately”, a more upbeat hit perfect for dancing. The two singles were fan-favorites during pop singer Rina Sawayama’s “Hold the Girl” tour in the UK, where JOSEF performed as the opening act. 

Permanent Damage drops Jan. 13 on AWAL, with Rolling Stone UK calling it “a debut album of burning blue soul.”

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