Karamelian to release new single “Wait For Me”, The Yets debut “Letter to a Boy”, new video

By Phoebe Giordano, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of Eveshka Ghost]

Indie pop duo Karamelien, composed of Léanie Kaleido and Mark Foster will be releasing their third single “Wait for Me” on February 4th to accompany “Lionhearts” and “Ascension Heights”.

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Despite the duo’s upbeat sound and “kaleidoscopic sixties sparkle”, their two singles so far have tackled larger themes such as overcoming despondency during hard times and rising above the challenges of living in a post-pandemic world. Following the death of her father, acclaimed musician Top Topham, “Wait for Me” is a song about reincarnation, though Kaleido claims the topic and timing were entirely coincidental. 

The flawless combination of soulful indie-pop, basslines and accents nostalgic of a lost era of music, and psychedelic undertones paired with hearty themes in their lyrics is perfect for fans of Feist, Tori Amos, and even the late Top Topham looking for something new. 

New this week as well is the video accompanying groovy South Carolina alternative pop group The Yets track “Letter To A Boy”.  

Classified as a “perfect union” between Fleetwood Mac and the Cocteau Twins, Robin Wilson (Skirt) and Craig Anderson Snook weave emotionally charged lyrics into smooth and haunting refrains. With their self-titled EP serving as a “sonic document” of major life events, “Letter To A Boy” is meant to encapsulate the feelings a mother may have for her son.

Although both Snook and Wilson have backgrounds in rock-based projects, their collaboration as The Yets takes on a dreamy and smooth tone layered with wistfulness for “quintessential vintage pop”, as they explore new challenges and rewards in their music going forward.

You can listen to Karamelien here and The Yets here.

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