Psychedelic Rock Collective JJUUJJUU release new single, music video

By Lauren Patterson, Copy Editor

[Photo Courtesy of Erica Weitz]

Releasing its first single of the year, psychedelic rock collective JJUUJJUU returns with new track “Nowhere”. Last fall, the group released “Daisy Chain” in August and “Crappy New Year” in October, its first release since debut album Zionic Mud in 2018. 

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JJUUJJUU is comprised of musician and Desert Daze co-founder Phil Pirrone along with various revolving members. After being on the road for 10 years, Pirrone began writing and exploring music that would later encompass JJUUJJUU in 2013 with FRST EP

The video for “Nowhere” was created by Micah Buzan whose work has been featured on Rolling Stone, Adult Swim The LA Times and more. He has also collaborated with bands such as Incubus, The Flaming Lips and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

On the video’s release, in a social media post JJUUJJUU shared “Thank you to Micah Buzan for creating this beautiful clip. Watching nothing but blue for 4 minutes is pretty soothing! Trance out in a BLUE world of NOWHERE.”

JJUUJJUU are set to play London’s Wide Awake Festival in May. Tickets are available for purchase here. As for the rest of the year, you can “look for more from JJUUJJUU in the coming months including info on their forthcoming new album!” according to a press release.

Watch the “Nowhere” video below.

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