Album Review: Ice Spice – Like..?

By: Cody Englander, Contributor

[10K Projects]

Rating: 6/10

Key Tracks: “Princess Diana”, “Bikini Bottom”

Ice Spice has emerged as one of the most beloved new celebrities of 2022. Her unproblematic and charming personality attracted many new fans over the last year. 

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She has curated a brand of self awareness in her music that works, and knows how to pitch herself as both a social media star and rapper. In her newly-found spotlight, she released her first project, Like..?,  full of catchy tracks, with a bright look into her future in the music industry.

Around half of the songs were released prior to the EP coming out, but that doesn’t hold back from the quality that Ice Spice brings. Her personality shines through in her music beautifully, along with bringing a level of self awareness and silliness, like comparing herself to Princess Diana or including a SpongeBob inspired beat. Ice Spice delivers a really smooth performance through most of the tracks. Her voice is one of the best things about the EP, and only being six songs, the charm does not run out. The quality of a project means so much more when an artist cares about their work and Ice Spice gives each track life and personality. Her lyrics are repetitive, but for such a short project, it doesn’t take away from the quality of the EP. Strung along the runtime are funny and memorable moments, even giving Lil Tjay (the only featured artist) time to shine, with an admittedly hilarious sound effect on the track “Gangsta Boo” during his verse. 

The songs are consistent, with “Actin A Smoochie” being the weak one of the bunch. It’s a different style for her, and I commend her for trying new things as a rising artist, but sonically, it doesn’t work as well as the tracks before or after. Aside from this low point, her flow from one song to the next is very similar, and while each of these songs have a fun quirk, each re-listen loses charm. 

Ice Spice has a lot of potential as an artist and is clearly headed down the right path. With a new producer and a few more features, a full length Ice Spice album would certainly be one to keep an eye out for. This project, despite being only 13 minutes long, shows more promise than most new artists, and certainly does not waste the listeners time. The rest of the Ice Spice fandom and I cannot wait for her next project, even if she never clarifies what a ‘munch’ is. 

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