Black Country, New Road release filmed live performance

[Photo courtesy of Holly Whitaker]

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

Black Country, New Road have released a live performance titled “Live at Bush Hall.”

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The band recorded three shows after the former lead vocalist Isaac Wood left the band. The film is a little less than an hour long and is the culmination of the three performances, all consisting of entirely new material written in the wake of Wood’s departure. Each performance had a different theme, including prom, pastoral and a pizza shop to accompany both the visuals and the written material.

Black Country, New Road released their debut album, For the first time, in 2021. The next year, they released their sophomore album Ants From Up There, which received wide acclaim by the likes of Pitchfork, NME and the New York Times. Ants From Up There was also voted Album of the Year by the ACRN Editorial Team in 2022. Only days before the release of Ants From Up There, Wood announced that he was departing from the band in order to focus on his mental health, though Black Country, New Road would continue without him.

Black Country, New Road’s Live at Bush Hall showcases the band’s breadth of musical talent and their new work as well as their community of fans. Complete with behind the scenes clips, an intermission and footage of fan commentary, the film is an immersive experience and a great indicator of what lies ahead for Black Country, New Road. Live at Bush Hall is available to view here.

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