Brazilian psychedelic rock band BIKE release new single “O Torto Santo”

By: Liam Syrvalin, Contributor

[Image courtesy of Shameless Promotion PR]

BIKE, a psychedelic rock/noise rock band hailing from Brazil, released their first song on Wednesday in two years with their new single “O Torto Santo.” They released the track with Before Sunrise Records, a Brazilian new indie rock record label. 

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Julito Cavalcante, the frontman of the group,  shared what the sources of inspiration were for the new single with Progressive Rock Journal. He commented that, “The lyrics for this song were inspired by self-analysis, where I understood that everything has two sides and that we have to be aware of what happens around us, strong enough to face difficulties and take advantage of every opportunity that life gives us.” Cavalcante also said that “O Torto Santo” and the upcoming album progress and build on their previous sound, explaining that “the idea was to sound artistic and raw at the same time.” 

BIKE formed in 2014, with the founding members consisting of Julito Cavalcante on guitar and vocals, Diego Xavier on guitar and vocals, Daniel Fumega on drums and João Gouvea on bass. For the upcoming album, Guilherme Held has joined the group on electric guitar. BIKE is playing a set at SXSW next week to promote their new upcoming album, Arte Bruta, which is set to release on May 5. This show at SXSW is a complement to their three international tours, and to their 400+ shows in 16 Brazilian states. 

To learn more updates about the band, visit BIKE’s Instagram.

Arte Bruta


01 Arcoverde

02 Além-Ambiente

03 O Torto Santo

04 Cedro feat Guilherme Held

05 Traço e Risco

06 Filha do Vento

07 Clara-Luz

08 Além-Céu

09 Que vai da Terra ao Céu

10 O Encontro do Céu com a Terra

11 Santa Cabeça

12 A Queda do Céu

13 Yaripo

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