Movie Review: Your Place or Mine

By: Cody Englander

[Netflix, 2023]

Rating: 1/10

Your Place or Mine is a movie that not only appeals to masochists in the most boring way possible, but ruins the day of anyone else who dares watch the thing.

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The movie stars Ashton Kutcher (playing a stock rom-com male lead), and Reese Witherspoon (playing a stock rom-com female lead). In this utterly heartless and depressing film, the two co-stars spend the entire movie apart from one another in a daring directorial decision: not giving the characters time to fall in love in a romantic comedy movie. The only thing a rom-com needs to do to be serviceable is deliver a story about characters falling in love, and it falls flat on its face.

The plot is essentially the two leads, who are best friends, switching places. They each have to get accustomed to each other’s life, learning new things about one another. The movie cuts between both of our characters in various, unmemorable situations doing various, unmemorable things. 

This is just the very surface of the movie’s issues. The editing is atrocious, and a number of scenes last less than 15 seconds. Every cut feels awkward and unnatural, which is actually fitting for how unnatural and awkward the script is. The best thing I can say about this is that things happen in a sequence of events to create 1 hour and 51 minutes of something that resembles a story. It’s not as if all was lost going into this, though – there are people attached to this movie with talent, but none of the talent shines through. 

“Suck” is a strong and perhaps immature word to describe a body of work that no doubt hundreds of people worked on. But for a movie that has such little respect for my time, “suck” is the best way to describe what I watched. I know the people attached to this are capable of making something better than this, but they didn’t. So, in all honesty, Your Place or Mine simply sucks. 

All-in-all? A movie that would have killed the box office in 2008. 

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