Single Review: Men I Trust – Ring of Past

By Devon Risner, Contributor
[Independent; 2023]
Rating: 8/10

The neon-colored funky bops and ballads of the 1980s might be a bygone time, but to the Montreal-based band Men I Trust, it hasn’t left just yet. Their new single “Ring of Past”, released in February of 2023, harks the emotion of funk and dare to say even a little disco. Since the band’s conception in 2014, they have always known how they wanted to sound and never failed to achieve it in the slightest. “Ring of Past” is just another piece of supporting evidence.

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The song opens with a shuffling drum beat and then it is joined by a bass line that is just hard to sit still to. Contributions from little jabs of a guitar washed in an envelope filter and an irresistible synth lead help encompasses the song’s entire vibe. Once Emmanuelle Proulx, lead singer of the band, creeps in with her soft warm vocals, the track feels complete. Proulx sings about an undying love with memories that evokes a feeling of splitting ways with a loved one.

This is the third single the band has released since their 2021 album “Untourable Album” and might be the best one of the three. While maintaining the warm, groovy vibe that the band is known for, they seem to find a way to incorporate different takes and keep the feeling fresh and perhaps even nostalgic. It’s fair to say that whatever album comes next will surely be another hit.

Listen here:

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