ACRN’s staff-run blogs cover a wide variety of topics that don’t necessarily fit the format of our website, and are a little more fun and informal if that’s your thing. Check ’em out below!


Discovering the Lobster — Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists are a pretty cool idea, but just how accurately can they predict someone’s music taste? We decided to find out for ourselves.


Editors’ Den — ACRN Editors explore the darkest depths of the Web in search of great music that even they haven’t heard of.


Signature Move — Founded by ACRN staffer Kieffer Wilson, Signature Move covers all things gaming and the culture that surrounds it.


Scene & Heard — Missed that rad Athens gig you were looking forward to? Have no fear, we’ll fill you in on what all went down.


Versus — We all love each other here at ACRN, but if there’s one thing we love more than each other it’s arguing about music. When our writers agree that it’s time to take it outside (a.k.a the Internet), Versus is where they come to duke it out.


I Hate This Band — The title says it all. Sometimes we need to just let it out, okay?