Album Review: Yeat – 2 Alivë

Ethan Hofer, Staff Writer [Geffen Records; 2022] Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “Poppin”, “Rackz got me”, “Rollin” It is Yeat’s world and everyone else is just living in it. From various lines referring to Osama Bin Laden to coining unusual slang such as “twizzy”, “tonka”, and using umlauts in his song titles, Yeat tends to make…

Album Review: Rex Orange County – WHO CARES?

By: Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor RCA Records; 2022 Rating: 5/10 Key tracks: “WORTH IT,” “AMAZING,” “IF YOU WANT IT,” “THE SHADE” The pandemic was a period of self-discovery and realization for Alex O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, the seemingly happy-go-lucky alternative singer. In an interview with Apple Music, the singer admitted that going…

Album Review: Avril Lavigne – Love Sux

By: Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor  DTA Records; 2022 Rating: 7.5/10 Key tracks: “Cannonball,” “Bois Lie ft. Machine Gun Kelly,” “Bite Me,” “Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending,” “Deja vu,”  Avril Lavigne has always been known as the pop-punk princess that dominated the early 2000s with hits like “Complicated,” “Girlfriend” and “What the Hell,” which…

Album Review: Blushing – Possessions

By: Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor  Kanine Records; 2022 Rating: 3/10 Key tracks: “Sour Punch,” “Surround (With Love),” “The Fires,” “Waster” Blushing is an interesting band to examine, as they consist of two husband and wife duos. Michelle Soto provides vocals and plays guitar, while her husband Jacob is on drums. Christina Carmona also contributes vocals…

20,000 Albums for Eidelyn Gonzales: The Age of Adz

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director [Asthmatic Kitty; 2010] Key tracks: “Futile Devices,” “Age of Adz,” and “Impossible Soul” Sufjan Stevens is renowned as one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, and for good reason. Albums like Illinois and Carrie & Lowell demonstrate his incredible ability to craft immaculate chamber and folk music, and contain…

Lobster Review: Hop Along – Get Disowned

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director [Hot Green Records; 2012] Rating: 9/10 Key Tracks: “Tibetan Pop Stars”, “Diamond Mine”, “Laments“ Get Disowned begins with a whimper to an ex-lover asking them to not obliterate whatever dignity the two of them have left between each other. “It’s time to exit / with some grace.” Frances Quinlan doesn’t…

Album Review: Amber Mark — Three Dimensions Deep

By Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor
[PMR Records, Universal Music Operations; 2022]
Rating: 8/10
Key tracks: “What It Is,” “Most Men,” “Darkside,” “Competition,” “Bliss,” “Event Horizon”
Amber Mark may be a name most have never heard before in the R&B scene, but the singer has been
around for the last six years. She’s dropped two EPs: 3:33 AM in 2017 and Conexao 2018. Both works explored grief and love through the melding of R&B, pop, dance and Bossa Nova sounds together to produce a classy, polished repertoire. Now, Mark is ready to prove herself beyond the world of EPs with her debut album Three Dimensions Deep, taking her voice to new levels and diversifying her use of production.

Album Review: Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director [Ninja Tune; 2022] Rating: 9/10 Key Tracks: “The Place Where He Inserted the Blade,” “Snow Globes,” “Basketball Shoes” Even when they had just two songs to their name, it was clear that Black Country, New Road was something special. Ants From Up There sees them fully realized, evolving past the…

Album Review: Eels — Extreme Witchcraft

By Jonah Cashel, Contributor
Rating: 7/10
Key tracks: “Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve”, “Strawberries & Popcorn”, “So Anyway”
tive-Rock band Eels released their newest album, Extreme Witchcraft late last month. The group has been producing funk-infused rock hits since the mid ’90s, and continues to this day with a steady flow of tours and releases. This record makes it clear that even almost 30 years after the band’s conception, there is no sign of slowing down. Band leader, Mark Oliver Everett (aka E), continues to mutate his sound and find new ways to tickle his audiences’ ears.

Album Review: The Blinders – Electric Kool-Aid (Pt. 1)

By Jonah Cashel, Contributor Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “Barefoot Across Your Water”, “City We Call Love” Earlier this January, The Blinders released Part 1 of a two-part EP, aptly titled Electric Kool-Aid. The title derives its name from novelist Tom Wolfe’s psychedelic journalistic novel, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and the sounds explored in these…

Album Review: 2nd Generation Wu — The Legend of Shaolin

By Adrian Woods, Contributor[Round Table / Blurred Noise / Intellectual Ent.; 2022]Rating: 6/10 Key tracks: “There Will Be Blood”, “No Place 2 Hide”, “Decimation of Frauds” Being the sons of Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and U-God, who were part one of the most influential and groundbreaking rap groups of all time, The…

Album Review: Cordae — From a Birds Eye View

By: Ethan Hofer, Staff Writer
[Atlantic Recording Corporation; 2022]
Rating: 3/10
Key tracks: “Shiloh’s Intro”, “Today”, “Sinister”
ity and experience under his belt, something that unfortunately did not translate to talent on this album.