Movie Review: The Silent Twins

By: Cody Englannder, Contributor  (Focus Features, 2022) Rating: 5/10 Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence star in The Silent Twins , a true story of twins who are the only ones who understand one other. The film occurs in three different eras of their lives; childhood, adolescence, and their time in a psychiatric hospital as adults. It’s…

Movie Review: Hellraiser

By: Emma Rickett, Contributor [Spyglass Media Group; 2022] Rating: 6/10 David Bruckner, director of V/H/S and The Ritual, asks in this film, “What if we made Pinhead from Hellraiser a woman… and we made her serve?” The answer is the 2022 reboot of the campy 1987 classic, Hellraiser. Full of tasteful gore and unlikeable characters, Hulu’s…

Movie Review: Bros

By: Cody Englander, Contributor [Universal Pictures; 2022] Rating: 6.5/10 “Bros” is a 95 minute rom-com that hits in all the right places. Unfortunately, the actual runtime of the film is 115 minutes if you count the opening. It starts off on the wrong foot with an awkward character introduction and jokes that aren’t nearly as…

Movie Review: Don’t Worry Darling

By: Amy Szmik, Copy Editor
[Warner Bros. Pictures; 2022]
Rating: 6/10
Don’t Worry Darling has had a whirlwind of press surrounding it before anyone even saw it. From the drama surrounding Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde, to the supposed “spitgate”, all of the media frenzy drowned out, for many, what the actual plot of the film is. The story follows Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) and Jack Chambers (Harry Styles), a supposedly happy couple in an idyllic suburb in California. The film is stylized as if it were in the 1950s, with the women cooking and cleaning while the men go to work for the mysterious “Victory Project.” The women are left completely in the dark as to what their husbands do when they go to work. The one woman who doesn’t trust Victory anymore, Margaret (Kiki Layne), is left ostracized by her community. The story follows Alice cracking mentally while slowly starting to question what is really going on. Alongside Pugh, Styles and Layne, the film stars Olivia Wilde, Nick Kroll, Gemma Chan and Chris Pine.

Movie Review: Pearl

By: Max Baker, Contributor [A24; 2022] Rating: 8/10 Pearl, directed by Ti West, is a prequel to his hit summer horror release X. Pearl was released in theaters this past week and stars Mia Goth as the headlining Pearl, a wannabe dancer who’s stuck tending to the farm that her and her German immigrant parents…

Movie Review: Thor: Love and Thunder

By: Ethan Bloomfield, Reviews Editor[Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture; 2022]Rating: 1/10 Phase four of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is underway, the latest collection in the over ten year-long experiment into blockbuster comic book cinema. Among these million dollar titles was Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth Thor movie in the franchise which released last month to…

Movie Review: Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Emma Rickett, Contributor [MAPPA; 2022] Rating: 9/10 Two years after the release of the first season of hit anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, the highly anticipated prequel has come out on the big screen. The film is sort of a stand-alone, as you do not have to watch the anime to understand the plot. If you have…

Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

By: Evan Gallagher, Contributor [Columbia Pictures; 2021] Spider-Man definitely came out to play in the third installment in the MCU Spider-Man series. The movie took risks and offered a new direction for the beloved Peter Parker that was unexpected, but had great payoff. So, spoilers ahead if you somehow still haven’t seen No Way Home….

ACRN’s Top Movies of 2021

Pig, [Neon; 2021] By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer Michael Sarnoski’s “Pig,” a meditative tale of learning to cope with loss, stands as one of the year’s best films. Nicholas Cage stars as Robin, a former chef who has transitioned out of city life and now lives with his truffle pig in the woods. When his…

Movie Review: Dear Evan Hansen

This year is full of Broadway musical adaptations; there was In The Heights this summer, and West Side Story will premiere at the end of the year. Now, a film adaptation of the 2017 Best Musical Tony winner Dear Evan Hansen has hit the big screen. With film adaptations are on the rise, Dear Evan Hansen is an example of this trend going too far, as the film feels soulless, hollow and ultimately unnecessary.

Movie Review: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

The sequel is growing in popularity, and most of the time, these movies feel like a cash grab or a lame attempt to make the original work relevant again. Luckily, this is not the case with Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which brings Borat back at the perfect time and feels like a natural next step from the first movie.

Movie Review: Malcolm & Marie

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer
[Little Lamb Productions; 2021]
Rating: 4/10
The first 10 minutes of Malcolm & Marie are pretty interesting. The two characters have a realistic argument with strong performances from Zendaya and John David Washington. The black and white cinematography is cool. The title card hits and I thought “maybe I’ll like this.” Then it was the same 10 minutes I had just watched over and over again for another hour and a half.