Movie Review: The Witches

By Maddie James, Contributor
[Warner Bros. Pictures; 2020]
Rating: 3/10
The last thing that some movies should have is a good cast, and The Witches is one such movie. With performances from Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Anne Hathaway and Kristin Chenoweth, The Witches holds a lot of promise for people unfamiliar with the story, but falls short of its star cast. The Witches is a 2020 adaptation of the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, following the first adaptation in 1990. Aside from a more diverse cast and the updated graphics, the 2020 adaptation hasn’t grown much from the previous version, let alone the book.

Movie Review: Happiest Season

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer
[Hulu; 2020]
Rating: 7/10
It is rare for a movie to be added into the holiday movie canon, or the kinds of movies you watch every year with your family during the winter. The movie has to capture the holiday spirit and remain accessible to everyone, and at least on that basis, Happiest Season deserves consideration to be added to this group of movies.

Movie Review: On the Rocks

I’m not sure I watched On the Rocks properly. I watched it on my couch on a Wednesday morning, but I feel like it was intended for middle-aged wine moms who, after finally putting their kids to bed, are just waiting to scream “OMG, that’s so true” every time the movie shows how hard marriage is. Outside of that lens, this movie, while functional, is not able to do anything particularly remarkable.

Movie Review: The Trial of the Chicago 7

By Ben Lindner, Contributor
[Netflix; 2020]
Rating: 7/10
From the opening minutes of The Trial of the Chicago 7, a story of the aftermath of the riots at the Democratic National Convention in 1968, it is clear exactly what the film is trying to be: an acting showcase with a fast, exciting script. It’s a movie made for people, like myself, who enjoy pointing at the screen and saying, “Hey, isn’t that the guy from that thing?” In that sense, the movie works extremely well.

Movie Review: Mulan

By Ben Lindner, Contributor
[Disney; 2020]
Rating: 2/10
Disney needs to stop. Their live-action remakes are complete failures, no more than obvious cash grabs at beloved childhood stories, and though they all pale in comparison to the originals, Mulan (2020) is the worst of them by a mile. The idea behind this one seems to be a more serious take that is more faithful to the original myth. This is not your grandpa’s Mulan. No more talking dragons voiced by Eddie Murphy, no more songs, no more fun stuff.

Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Sometimes a movie throws too many balls in the air, and though it might catch some, it will always end up dropping just as many. That’s basically Enola Holmes, a movie following the titular character (Millie Bobby Brown) as she chases after her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter), all while being pursued by her brother, the legendary Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Brown is excellent as the lead, and she delivers every line with a tremendous energy and owns every one of her scenes. While not the most earth-shattering performance, Brown proves here that she can hold her own as the lead.

Movie Review: The Peanut Butter Falcon

By Taylor Linzinmeir, Contributor [Roadhouse Attractions; 2019] Rating: 9/10 The Peanut Butter Falcon tells the story of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a young man with Down syndrome who runs away from a nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. He eventually meets up with Tyler (Shia LaBeouf) who is also on the…

Movie Review: It Chapter Two

By Ceara Kelly, Staff Writer [Warner Bros. Pictures; 2019] Rating: 6.5/10 It’s finally here; one of the most anticipated horror sequels of recent memory is now in theaters. Now, what is it? Why it’s It Chapter Two, of course. That’s right, the Losers are back, along with everyone’s favorite child-eating clown, to finish off the…

Movie Review: The Lion King

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor [Disney; 2019] Rating: 3/10 Let’s get one thing straight: this movie only exists as a cash grab and a guarantee that Disney can keep The Lion King and other movies like it out of the public domain so long as the mouse wears gloves. The Lion King (2019) is almost…

Movie Review: The Farewell

By Andrew Breazeale, Staff Writer [A24; 2019] Rating: 8/10 Everyone has a family. No matter who you are, where you come from or how your life ends up, every person in the world has a family. Whether it is chosen or biological, humans rely on that familial connection for emotional, physical and material support in…

Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

By Jessica Jones, Staff Writer [Lionsgate; 2019] Rating: 4.5/10 Five Feet Apart, the latest teenage sob story to hit the big screen, is nothing more than average at best. The film takes every opportunity to make the viewers cry while also taking advantage of today’s heartthrob Cole Sprouse, who plays the main love interest, Will….

Movie Review: Us

By Ceara Kelly, Staff Writer [Monkeypaw Productions; 2019] Rating: 7/10 Jordan Peele continues his transition from comedy king to horror god with this year’s release of Us. The unsettling film leaves even the most mundane things threatening. The genre has experienced a resurgence in the past few years, and this wonderfully unique nightmare is another…