Mitch Davis Announces Debut Album, The Haunt, With New Single and Music Video

This February, multitalented Canadian musician Mitch Davis announced the release of The Haunt, his debut album set to release through Arbutus Records on April 29th of this year. The announcement is joined by North American tour dates scheduled for this September as well as the pre-release single “Let it Die” and a music video along with it.

Isaac Wood of Black Country, New Road announces departure from band

Black Country, New Road singer Isaac Wood declared that he plans to leave his beloved band to focus on his mental health via the band’s Instagram, a few days before their album Ants From Up There was set to release. Wood served as a co-founder and a key vocalist within the band.

Spotify removes Neil Young’s songs after his disapproval of COVID-19 misinformation

By Grace Koennecke, Staff Writer
On Wednesday, Spotify announced that they would be taking Neil Young’s songs off of their platform, two days after the singer posted a brief letter calling on the streaming service to choose between him and podcaster Joe Rogan, who has contributed to the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus and its accompanying vaccines. 

Eric Slick Announces 2022 Solo Tour

Eric Slick, the drummer for Dr. Dog, recently announced his 2022 solo tour. In a tweet, Slick wrote: “this is my first tour since 2017 so i am so freaking excited. expect lots of high kicks. also masked up and vaxxed up, no ifs ands or butts”.