Under-Studio Session: RJ Martin

Due to COVID-19, ACRN’s Production team has had to move things outside, more specifically under the parking garage of Baker Center. Listen to RJ Martin sing his ballads in the dimly lit concrete environment. Find RJ on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify for more.

Album Review: Field Medic – Floral Prince

By Ethan Bloomfield, Contributor
[Run For Cover Records; 2020]
Rating: 7/10 Key tracks: “-h-o-u-s-e-k-e-y-z-”, “older now (it hurts)”, “before your body goes” 2020 is not a year for connection. Amidst the pandemic and months of isolation, it is sometimes hard to feel a true, heartfelt connection with others. During this time, though, music remains one of the main defenses against boredom for many people, and reminders of humanity and closeness still shines through in it. This is more than evident on Floral Prince, the new full-length project from lo-fi musician Field Medic, aka Kevin Patrick Sullivan.

Album Review: Deftones – Ohms

In his book Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste, Carl Wilson puts forth the idea that perhaps no historically detested sect of popular music is beyond postmortem redemption. Metal, disco, emo—all looked down upon during their respective peaks in popularity by cultural tastemakers, only to be retroactively saved once the dust settled and the commercial machine had moved on to the next fad. The past few years have seen nu-metal, maybe the most detested of the detested sects, start to receive this treatment thanks to the particular arty bands of the genre; chiefly, Deftones.

Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Sometimes a movie throws too many balls in the air, and though it might catch some, it will always end up dropping just as many. That’s basically Enola Holmes, a movie following the titular character (Millie Bobby Brown) as she chases after her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter), all while being pursued by her brother, the legendary Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Brown is excellent as the lead, and she delivers every line with a tremendous energy and owns every one of her scenes. While not the most earth-shattering performance, Brown proves here that she can hold her own as the lead.

Album Review: Father – Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money

Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, Father’s newest project Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money, sees him returning to old habits. For fans of Father, this means new content you will undoubtedly enjoy; however, if you’ve grown tired of his signature sound, then this probably isn’t the project for you. Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money takes a little while to heat up, and even though it ultimately does, that wasted potential is only made more evident by the EP’s extremely short runtime.

ACRN Celebrates: Tina Turner

By Abby Jeffers, News Editor [Photo courtesy of Peter Lindbergh/Tina Turner] Rock and R&B legend Tina Turner—best known for her sultry voice, uncompromising resilience and one of many hit singles, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”—has reached incredible popularity and sold over 200 million records worldwide throughout her incredible career. Read more: ACRN Celebrates: Miles…

ACRN Celebrates: Robert Johnson

By Jonah Krueger, Staff Writer [Photo via NPR] It was a clear night in the delta. The air was crisp, the subtle wind only noticeable because of the stillness of the surroundings. A young black man approaches an empty crossroads accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, which hides in a beat-up, hardcover case. He opens…

Between the Bars: “Rapp Snitch Knishes” by MF DOOM

By Kwase Lane, Staff Writer Hello, and welcome back to Between the Bars. I’d like to start this year with one of my favorite artists, MF DOOM. We’re going to be examining the second verse of “Rapp Snitch Knishes” from his album MM.. FOOD. In this piece, DOOM mocks his fellow rappers who choose to…