Upcoming Athens Music Events

eason kicks off the end of spring semester for Ohio University students. Many local bands are on the lineups, showcasing their talent and energy to new crowds weekly.

20,000 Albums for Eidelyn Gonzales: The Age of Adz

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director [Asthmatic Kitty; 2010] Key tracks: “Futile Devices,” “Age of Adz,” and “Impossible Soul” Sufjan Stevens is renowned as one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, and for good reason. Albums like Illinois and Carrie & Lowell demonstrate his incredible ability to craft immaculate chamber and folk music, and contain…

ACRN Goth Prom Q&A with Kaiba

By Ethan Bloomfield, Reviews Editor [Photo courtesy of Kaiba] On Feb. 18, The Union hosted ACRN Goth Prom, our most recent fundraising event for the station. Many wonderful bands performed that night, including En Love, Short Fictions, and of course, Athens’ very own Kaiba. I had an in-depth discussion with them about their band, the…

Lobster Review: Hop Along – Get Disowned

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director [Hot Green Records; 2012] Rating: 9/10 Key Tracks: “Tibetan Pop Stars”, “Diamond Mine”, “Laments“ Get Disowned begins with a whimper to an ex-lover asking them to not obliterate whatever dignity the two of them have left between each other. “It’s time to exit / with some grace.” Frances Quinlan doesn’t…

Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees passes away

Mark Lanegan died last week, and that just sucks for music. This brings the world closer to finalizing the long list of iconic singers from the 90s Seattle scene that died early after dark, troubled, and drug-fueled lives. Lanegan follows the precedent set by Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and Chris Cornell who all fronted bands at the same time, same place, and died because of it. They used drugs, battled demons, and lived fast. And they are all dead.

Avril Lavigne drops seventh studio album Love Sux

Avril Lavigne released her newest album Love Sux Friday, three years after the release of Head Above Water, a sonically confessional tracklist that gave more insight into the singer’s personal life.

Mitch Davis Announces Debut Album, The Haunt, With New Single and Music Video

This February, multitalented Canadian musician Mitch Davis announced the release of The Haunt, his debut album set to release through Arbutus Records on April 29th of this year. The announcement is joined by North American tour dates scheduled for this September as well as the pre-release single “Let it Die” and a music video along with it.

Ranked: JAY-Z

[Photo Courtesy of Parade] By: Adrian Woods, Contributor What can be said about JAY-Z that hasn’t already been said? With 125 million records sold, he’s one of the best selling artists ever and has the most Grammys for a rapper at a total of 23 The rapper also has the most number one albums by…

Album Review: St Paul & The Broken Bones — The Alien Coast

By Adrian Woods, Contributor
[Self-Release; 2022]
Review: 5/10
Key tracks: “Tin Man Love”, “The Last Dance”
St Paul & The Broken Bones are back with their fourth studio album release, Alien Coast. Listening to their past records, this one felt like a drop in quality for the group. If anticipating another retro-dance R&B record, this album falls flat and feels like just another generic, modern day R&B album.