Album Review: Bladee – 333

333 came without any warning, following EXETER, released only months before. Lacking a promotional lead up, it comes with no expectations but delivers some of Bladee’s most expressive and melodic tracks thus far. Shedding all collaborations, even close friend Ecco2k, 333 is an intricately expressed creative vision from Bladee and executive producer Whitearmor.

Lobsterfest 2018 Q&A: JPEGMAFIA

By Devon Hannan, Editorial Director Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Experimental rapper and producer, JPEGMAFIA, seems like he came out of nowhere. After a considerable amount of positive reception on his latest full-length album, Veteran, JPEGMAFIA is quickly grabbing everyone’s undivided attention. Peggy’s composition on Veteran is simply out of this world, being…