Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

By: Evan Gallagher, Contributor [Columbia Pictures; 2021] Spider-Man definitely came out to play in the third installment in the MCU Spider-Man series. The movie took risks and offered a new direction for the beloved Peter Parker that was unexpected, but had great payoff. So, spoilers ahead if you somehow still haven’t seen No Way Home….

Album Review: The Blinders – Electric Kool-Aid (Pt. 1)

By Jonah Cashel, Contributor Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “Barefoot Across Your Water”, “City We Call Love” Earlier this January, The Blinders released Part 1 of a two-part EP, aptly titled Electric Kool-Aid. The title derives its name from novelist Tom Wolfe’s psychedelic journalistic novel, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and the sounds explored in these…

Isaac Wood of Black Country, New Road announces departure from band

Black Country, New Road singer Isaac Wood declared that he plans to leave his beloved band to focus on his mental health via the band’s Instagram, a few days before their album Ants From Up There was set to release. Wood served as a co-founder and a key vocalist within the band.

Track Review: Of Two Minds – At a Distance

Takaaki, this track feels like a taste of a pleasant and exuberant ride through the palpable, distinctly human passion and hypnotic melodies that not only “At a Distance” and Of Two Minds provides, but Toe is known for. 

Album Review: The Weeknd – Dawn FM

ith less success. Dawn FM isn’t bad, but it does have some noticeable flaws that differentiate it from its predecessor. Still, the album illustrates that Tesfaye is an incredibly talented musician, something that has been clear since House of Balloons.