Preview: ACRN Prom with Space Gondola, No Stars and Camille Jeanne

Fellow Rock Lobsters, we here at ACRN have worked hard to persevere through the obstacles that the global pandemic has thrown at the music world. In November, we successfully put on our annual Battle of the Bands, which was conducted remotely through pre-recorded live sets. We are continuing this virtual format with this year’s Prom. Three amazing local artists will be featured this time with all sets having been recorded at Ohio’s Scripps Amphitheater. Join us for the premiere this Saturday on ACRN’s YouTube Channel.

ACRN Prom 2020 Q&A: Jeremiah Hayes

By Taylor Linzinmeir, Staff Writer  Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Q&A with Athens-based R&B artist Jeremiah Hayes at ACRN Prom 2020.  Tell me about where you’re from.  JEREMIAH HAYES: I’m from Columbus and moved here [Athens] about two years ago to study music at Hocking [College] and then eventually transfer over to OU….

Emo Prom 2019 Q&A: Vacation

By Kayla Chanthavong, Contributor [Photo by Joe Medlen] Q&A with singer and guitarist Jerome “Jerri”  Westerkamp III of Vacation I’d like to welcome Vacation back to Athens after a long time of being away, and thank you guys for an awesome set at ACRN’s Emo Prom! So you guys have been around for quite a…

Emo Prom 2019 Q&A: Sneakthief

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor [Photo by Joe Medlen] Q&A with guitarists Nolan Quigley and Daniel Palmer and drummer Joe Fradette of Sneakthief. It’s cool that you are back with us after playing Battle of the Bands. What was that experience like for you, and what is it like to be back for ACRN Prom?…