Q&A: Beach Girl (Marcy Adams formerly of Athens)

Former Athens-based EDM producer Beach Girl, AKA Marcy Adams, is set to drop three singles in June, starting with their reimagining of Alice Deejay’s “Better off Alone” on June 2. “Let U Down” drops June 17, followed by “i can’t stop myself” on June 30. The singles follow two tracks Adams released in March, “I Do It Like That… You Love It?” and “SADNALONE” in addition to their recent move from Athens to Atlanta. ACRN spoke with Adams to inquire about the move, the new songs, the new place and how Krewella’s “Alive” fits into all of that:

Brick City Records to release signed artists’ EPs, music videos

By Ethan Bloomfield, Staff Writer
Ohio University’s own Brick City Records will begin to release signed artists’ music videos for their singles and EPs recorded with BCR since late summer, according to the label. The releases start in early April and showcase four artists.

Single Review: beach girl – “I Do It Like That… You Love It?”

Dance music usually has one goal in mind, and it’s in the name. But can dance music be chilled out? Not many years ago, raves and festivals were — and likely still are — eager to book artists who make rowdy, loud and abrasive dubstep. There was simply nothing else like it.

The DIY Scene’s Impact on Artistry and Alternative Careers

By Kiah Easton, Columns Editor [Photo by Kiah Easton] The DIY music scene in Athens, Ohio, provides a crucial launching pad for various art forms and alternative lifestyles. Although the Athens scene is small, the movement reflects a broader trend toward artistic freedom, sustainability and independence, resulting in far-reaching impact. The local youth subculture is…

Athens’ Brick City Records signs four new artists

By Liz Partsch, Contributor Although Brick City Records first started as a small Ohio University student organization, it has expanded into an official student-run record label. Located in Schoonover Center, the local studio attracts many label submissions every fall semester. Brick City President Maya Nauriyal says that it’s a team decision when it comes to…

Setting the Stage: Reminiscing Athens’ Music from the 1970s and 1980s

By Emily DiAlbert, Staff Writer On March 9, almost 50 years after getting their start in music, J.D. Hutchison and the Realbilly Jive packed a crowd of Athens, Ohio residents into a local art gallery for a performance evoking pure Appalachian pride. On that night, the band’s audience was not just another crowd of strangers….

Film Recap: Drop Your Shorts – October 22, 2017

Maria Lubanovic, Staff Writer Drop Your Shorts is Athens’s short film festival where filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds show their films on the big screen. This year, the Athena Cinema displayed 22 short films covering everything from aliens to comedy to depression. Some were meant to be funny, some were a commentary on our…

Interview: Carter and Jack on Station 116

By Eli Schoop, Copy Editor Station 116 has been an Athens staple ever since it was founded last year for primarily artistic purposes. But now, it has built its status as a house of reaction, resistance, and revolution against the caustic norms we take for granted. I talked to the principal owners and showrunners for…

Nelsonville Music Festival: Four Days With Friends

By Sam Tornow, General Manager Locality is the core ingredient in the cocktail that is Nelsonville Music Festival. It’s the scent that is initially tough to distinguish, although easy to identify once pointed out. Goers treated each like neighbors because many of them are. The gorgeous green foothills that backdrop any and every direction you…