Album Review: The Chats – Get Fucked

By: Paul Nern, News Editor [Bargain Bin Records; 2022] Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “6L GTR”, “Struck By Lightning”, “The Price Of Smokes” How would one describe The Chats to someone who has never heard them?  Well if you ask them, all you need is three chords, fast tempos, misplaced anger at the world, and a…

Royel Otis release debut EP “Campus”

Sydney-based duo Royel Otis released their debut EP Campus last week along with a new track titled “Never Been More Sure”. Accompanying their EP, the duo recently released a music video for their track “Without U”.

Q&A: Kiid Spyro

First off, I personally do not hear about hip-hop artists from Australia often. What is the scene like there? Who and what inspired you to start making music?

Kiid Spyro: The scene in Australia is drill, and I don’t make drill. People don’t really listen to this stuff I make. People really don’t make it. I grew up listening to American music. Kid Laroi was the only person from here making American style hip-hop. He was getting seen a lot because his style wasn’t popular down here. It was different, and people were like, “Why is an Australian making American music?” What’s popular here is, like, pop, EDM and whatever is on the radio. I’ll play a trap song, and people will be like, “What was that?” If people do listen to rap, it’s mostly drill.