ACRN’s Favorite Albums of 2022

By the ACRN Editorial Team 20. Soccer Mommy – Sometimes, Forever [Loma Vista Recordings; 2022] By Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor As an avid Soccer Mommy fan, her new album this year was nothing short of amazing. Sometimes, Forever is the Nashville singer-songwriter’s most vulnerable piece of work yet, a slow and dark peeling of her…

Isaac Wood of Black Country, New Road announces departure from band

Black Country, New Road singer Isaac Wood declared that he plans to leave his beloved band to focus on his mental health via the band’s Instagram, a few days before their album Ants From Up There was set to release. Wood served as a co-founder and a key vocalist within the band.

Album Review: Black Country, New Road – For the first time

By Jonah Krueger, News Editor
[Ninja Tune; 2021]
Rating: 9/10
Key tracks: “Athens, France”, “Science Fair”, “Sunglasses”, “Opus”
Black Country, New Road accomplished something incredible—they released an album that got noticed. After forming from the ashes of a promising band ruined by the actions of a single member, the seven-piece’s trajectory seemed pretty straightforward. Gain a quick cult following off the basis of live performances, work out new material, put out a single or two, sign to a label, release a debut album—all the while remaining mysterious and developing an idiosyncratic aesthetic.