Vans unveils “Channel 66”, focuses on local artists

Popular shoe company Vans unveiled their new livestreaming network, “Channel 66”, in a bid to uplift both everyday communities and artists. The broadcasts take place in New York City, Chicago, Mexico City and Los Angeles and “spotlight each city’s unique heritage in sub-culture by programming through the lens of the people who live it,” according to a press release.

Feature: Nurturing a Record Label to its Nature

By Marvin Dotiyal, Features Editor Meet Fredo Fosco and Michael Mangan—two music-loving friends starting up a DIY, emo/indie label from the suburbs of Chicago. Mangan, a college freshman studying business, wanted to create a site to post and share musical content, which was inspired by Making New Enemies, a collaborative media blog and record label….

Album Review: Chief Keef – Dedication

By Sam Tornow, General Manager [Glo Gang; 2017] Rating: 5/10 Key Tracks: “Mailbox”, “Negro” Finishing up his release year, Chief Keef has thrown one last batch of tracks into the mix with the appropriately named, Dedication. Siso’s 2017 releases, like most of his career, have been hit or miss, peaking with his most dynamic release…

Lollapalooza: Jams and Vibes in the Windy City

By Diana Buchert, Promo Director In a massive city, full of historic architecture, endless train loops, and a massive chrome bean lies a weekend oasis for rockers, rappers, DJs, and fans of all sorts to gather beneath the gorgeous Chicago skyline. Nestled between Lake Michigan and the bustling city, Grant Park manages to pack Lollapalooza…