Emo Prom 2019 Q&A: Sneakthief

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor [Photo by Joe Medlen] Q&A with guitarists Nolan Quigley and Daniel Palmer and drummer Joe Fradette of Sneakthief. It’s cool that you are back with us after playing Battle of the Bands. What was that experience like for you, and what is it like to be back for ACRN Prom?…

ACRN Prom with Adult Mom, Chris Farren and Scary Balance at The Union – 2/10/18

Adult Mom, Chris Farren and Scary Balance rocked the night away at ACRN’s first ever Prom! Check out our pics from the dream and delightful dance, and our captures from our auction fundraiser. We hope to see everyone real soon at this year’s Lobsterfest! Photos by Eric Perzanowski, Harley Wince, Joe Medlen and Braeden McClain.