Songs that Make My Eyes Sweat: “Down Colorful Hill” by Red House Painters

As the drums that lay under this track roll in, feelings of solitude and loneliness set the foundation for this 11-minute ballad. The listener is made painfully aware that it all begins with a feeling rather than with words, which parallels the journey of losing love; it begins with a feeling, maybe not even one you can pinpoint.

Album Review: Crying – Beyond The Fleeting Gales

By Sam Tornow, Editorial Director [Run For Cover; 2016] Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “There Was a Door,” “Origin,” “Revive” Crying’s unforeseen rise into the chip-tune genre was as strange as it was short-lived. After only one double-EP, the New York-based band has given their, at times, messy sound a complete overhaul. The result is a propulsion…