Movie Review: Pinocchio

By Cody Englander, Contributor
[Disney; 2022]
Rating: 3/10
Pinocchio (2022) is the newest live action remake from Disney, and follows the same basic story from the animated version released in 1940. In short, whereas the animated movie was lively and fun, this remake is worthless and dull. 

Movie Review: Soul

By RJ Martin, Contributor[Disney; 2020]Rating: 9/10 Over the last year, we’ve had our fair share of eyebrow-raises and eye-rolls at various media trying to make some sort of statement about society in the wake of the pandemic. Pixar’s Soul is a film that actually does it well without even trying to in the first place. …

Movie Review: Mulan

By Ben Lindner, Contributor
[Disney; 2020]
Rating: 2/10
Disney needs to stop. Their live-action remakes are complete failures, no more than obvious cash grabs at beloved childhood stories, and though they all pale in comparison to the originals, Mulan (2020) is the worst of them by a mile. The idea behind this one seems to be a more serious take that is more faithful to the original myth. This is not your grandpa’s Mulan. No more talking dragons voiced by Eddie Murphy, no more songs, no more fun stuff.

Movie Review: The Lion King

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor [Disney; 2019] Rating: 3/10 Let’s get one thing straight: this movie only exists as a cash grab and a guarantee that Disney can keep The Lion King and other movies like it out of the public domain so long as the mouse wears gloves. The Lion King (2019) is almost…